Tokyo Vlog for packing lunch🗼 Ordinary Japanese daily life of eating fried tomato egg and walking with Aram-chan alone | Sorry for the all-time great eating show | Hedgehog Cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo



It’s 👌👌

This video is a collection of really ordinary and trivial daily life.

In particular, there is a story about the first day of emotion, Aram-chan, washing and washing her hair alone, after procrastinating and procrastinating as an elementary school student.
Among the mothers, the famous and famous Mongdies in Korea called the spies if you don’t know them, sent you a 3-piece set.

The baby line is famous for Wonchae, but bath products for children are also very popular.
Well, since I live here, I don’t know much about it, but when I use it, the mild scent is not good, and it’s mildly acidic and hypoallergenic, so it’s reliable the whole time I’m writing it.

I don’t know if everyone is using it, but if you are still curious about the product, you can go to the link below.

ๅŠŸๅทจๆ‹ญไป€ ็ดณ่™žๆ˜”็ ่Šญไพฏ
ๅŠŸๅทจๆ‹ญไป€ ็จฝ่Š,ๆปด้ก•,ๅ‘ชๆผ่ทต,็ฃ้…”ๅธŒ็จฝ่Š,้ฉๅ…„้–ƒ,้ƒŠไป€่ฃณ็ˆพ็ฅข,ๅธ–้‰ฆ,ๅฎค่–ฆ,้›ซๆ”ฟๆ”ฟๅฐป่–ฆ,ๆพๅˆŠ ๅŽป ๆฏ’ๅค

To all of the Mongdies officials in Korea who sent me to write Aramama-chan,
Thank you so much.

our mothers
These days, Japan is uproar about hay fever.
I don’t know how it will be in Korea ใ… ใ… 
Please always take care of your health, eat well, and if you’re sick, no no no~~

I’m happy Aramo🌺

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