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It’s Hyo-chan

As the days go by, it gets hotter and hotter, so you sweat a lot and get tired easily.
Take care and sleep well~

Today, I am uploading small details of my daily life.
(It’s a daily life where we secretly eat and play haha)
What is the healing point of this video?
Um… eh again….lol
It’s Arama-chan haha
Ah, I couldn’t help but giggle while editing.

Continuing from last time, Mongdies sent us sun cushions and sun sticks for summer.
It’s such a famous product that I don’t even bother to wrinkle it.
It’s really amazing! Itโ€™s even better to write now.

There seem to be sales, One Plus One, and various other events.
You can see it at the link below.


Dear Korean Mongdies officials who take good care of you,
Thank you again.

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Please look after me comfortably when I exercise, when I do housework, when I can’t sleep, when I drive, etc.
Most of it is live chatting without stopping~ hehe

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