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It’s Hyo-chan

As the days go by, it gets hotter and hotter, so you sweat a lot and get tired easily.
Take care and sleep well~

Today, I am uploading small details of my daily life.
(It’s a daily life where we secretly eat and play haha)
What is the healing point of this video?
Um… eh again….lol
It’s Arama-chan haha
Ah, I couldn’t help but giggle while editing.

Continuing from last time, Mongdies sent us sun cushions and sun sticks for summer.
It’s such a famous product that I don’t even bother to wrinkle it.
It’s really amazing! Itโ€™s even better to write now.

There seem to be sales, One Plus One, and various other events.
You can see it at the link below.

ๆฅญๆฅญๅปƒ ็•ณๅŽŸไบœ ๅนป็ดšๅฌข็ˆฝๆพ— ็–็ฒพๆŸ”ๆทซ ๅŠŸๅทจๆ‹ญไป€

Dear Korean Mongdies officials who take good care of you,
Thank you again.

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Please look after me comfortably when I exercise, when I do housework, when I can’t sleep, when I drive, etc.
Most of it is live chatting without stopping~ hehe

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