Japanese Vlog Intro Collection 💛 Listen to a Happy Day in a row today | 2021 year-end celebration




It’s 👌👌

Last day of 2021,
I came to say hello by collecting only the intro part of the vlog.
As I was editing the intro, every day of the year seemed to pass by like a lantern.
In addition, our Aramos and viewers always support us,
I can only thank you so much for liking the intro song a lot.
Thank you so much.

As I write this like a love letter, I’m so excited~ Ahhh~

Our Arams,
You have worked really hard in 2021.
I sincerely hope that 2022 will be healthier than any other year and that you will be happy.
Aramo for salheunghae🌺🌺🌺

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When you exercise, when you do housework, when you can’t sleep, when you are driving, etc., take care of it comfortably.
Most of the chatter games that I do non-stop are live~ hehe

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