Everyday life of a mother who goes home and goes to the dermatologist after taking a mukbang | Tokyo Museum Dating | Amazingly Delicious Japanese Oden Bars




It’s 👌👌

Aramos, are you feeling the scent of spring these days?
I hope you have healthy days
I hope you have a beautiful spring day.

I tried to capture the ironic daily life of eating oatmeal porridge and making tteokbokki while singing diet songs every day.
Homt worked hard and inhaled an oil bomb the next day.
Mmm, it’s all like that.

Let’s try to collect small daily life in a video.
In the hope that this video, at least a little, will bring joy to our Aramos.
I will continue working hard on YouTube today and tomorrow.
To all Aramos who always support us and leave likes and comments
Thank you sincerely.


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