Housewife’s daily life assembling an IKEA desk and eating mixed-store kimchi fried rice | Kamakura Taste Tour | Mart Shopping Tokyo Vlog



It’s 👌👌

These days, the long-sleeved pad is really gone, and some days it’s excruciatingly hot and sweaty, isn’t it?
Then again, at night, it suddenly becomes cold and hazy
Aramos, be careful not to catch a cold when you are like this, do you know that you eat well?
Immunity is awesome!!! Let’s grow it~ hehe

In this video, I try to upload an ordinary daily life.
It’s a story about small everyday things like making home-cooked meals, making side dishes, and going to the mart to buy ingredients.
One day, I visited a famous tourist destination called Kamakura to take a breather for half a day.
I flew away, inhaled delicious restaurants, got some fresh sea breeze, and came up to Tokyo, but that was so healing.

All Aramos who always watch and support.
Thank you sincerely.
Aramo for Salvation~~~~


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